Selgusid R-Kioski kohvitopsi kujundamise konkursi võitjad

In March, R-Kiosk rejected the “Top by Your Hands” contest for the design of summer cafes, which gave courageous designers and hobby artists the opportunity to put their drawing skills to the test and share their work with all Estonian people.


Out of the 350 jobs received in the competition, 4 winners were selected, whose names were released today at 12 R-Kiosk’s website. The authors of the four best coffee makers are Liis Roden, Triin Voss, Olga Dogadina and Krõõt Kukkur. All the winners and future tops will be available at .

Between the four victories, a week-long referendum began, which reveals which of the four designers will win 500 euros and free coffee a year. Everyone can give up on his vote until the 6th of March, what kind of tops he most likes.


The large number of coffee maker designers also exceeded the expectations of R-Kiosk and acknowledged the great interest of designers in Estonia. “The interest in the competition was really incredible. We are especially pleased that we received a lot of drawings for children, “said Johanna Pikand, Marketing Specialist at R-Kiosk.

According to Pikand, the final decision was extremely difficult: “First of all, we selected 20 best winners from the winning few times, among which a jury of experts had to make a consensus decision on which cup scones best fit our summer top decoration. We are very happy about the final result and are extremely grateful to all those involved. ”


Newly designed coffee shops reach R-kiosks all over Estonia at the beginning of June.

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